Runtopia August Superstar Runner: la araña magaña

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean Runtopia’s Superstars have ended. To kick off the fall season, we want to introduce the next Superstar Runner. This runner doesn’t take no for an answer, and says anyone, no matter their age, can run. Congratulations to Jorge (better known as la araña magaña on Runtopia) for the title of August Superstar Runner! Read how he got into running and how he plans to continue;

I started running about 7 years ago, because I realized that my body is not getting any younger and I need to start doing more for myself. I’m now 65 years (young) and I want to live to be 100, and celebrate it by running a marathon. Running makes me feel alive and free, and I want to inspire others in the way that they inspire me. My kids, and now my grandson, keep me going. “

Jorge is now competing in the National Senior Games, which he first took part in 5 years ago.

“My most memorable event was 5 years ago when I took part in the National Senior Games in Utah for the first time and came in second with the silver medal. I was told that people who attend have been running there for years, never getting a medal, and on my first time I won silver on the 10k with a time of 48 minutes! People need to know more about the National Senior Games; they are amazing! There’s over 10,000 participants and you’ll see people in their 90’s, even at 102 years old, running! That is an inspiration! I have a friend who participates, and at 66 years old, he can still run 5k under 18 minutes! My dream would be to win in the National Senior Games.”

(Note; Jorge will be taking part in the National Games again next year, so wish him luck! We’re rooting for you to get in first place! )

Now, we’ve been very curious to the story of Jorge’s alias ‘la araña magaña’ and we can now share with you the story behind it;

“I used to play soccer, as a goalie, and all my friends would call me ‘araña’ (meaning: spider). One day I was running here and I noticed a lot of kids on the playground, but none of them looked in my direction. Next time I went I wore the Spiderman shirt and the same kids were saying “Mom, I want to be like him!”. So that is where the name came from.”

Finally, you may have noticed that no matter what, our very own ‘la araña magaña’ tries to keep a positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life. We asked him more about this…

“Life itself is beautiful; we only live once! So why not live this amazing life with a smile and helping one another? Sometimes it’s difficult to schedule in runs due to long work hours, and the Arizona heat in the summer doesn’t help. But for me, each run is a perfect run. It’s amazing when you love doing what you do, and to me, that’s running!”
Here’s what la araña magaña wants to share with you, Runtopians;

“Enjoy life, run with your heart and motivate people. If only one person in the world got inspired by me, then life is worth it! Runtopians; keep running, smile, love life and motivate others!”

We’ve sure gotten plenty of inspiration and positive vibes into our day, how about you? Congratulations again to our August Superstar Runner, la araña magaña! We hope you succeed in your goals this year, and we’ll keep a lookout for the 100-year old spiderman running a marathon! ;)